Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Niath's new home

It is with great pleasure that I'm announcing to everyone that Niath's new home is finally ready.

I've registered a new domain, tiagoboldt.net, and the blog is now hosted in tiagoboldt.net/blog. I changed the theme a little bit, I'll write about some of those changes later.

Please tell me what you've thought about it!


Monday, April 23, 2007

Last post from blogger

I've been working, for a couple of days now, in a new blog, were Niath will be ported to. It will be wordpress based, and in my own domain and hosting. It will be up whenever I like it enough. Be patient, I'll try to make it worth the waiting!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Joost Invites - Delivery

As I've said, I had 3 Joost invites to give away. I've sent them to rizzah@gmail.com, brhersh@gmail.com and pbmoita@gmail.com. I hope to get some feedback from them:)

Ubuntu 7.04

Today it is the scheduled date of the final Feisty Fawn version of Ubuntu, 7.04 which has been under development for the past six months.

Ubuntu's website is already under heavy traffic, and, for those who will want to download the distribution right after the release, bit torrent should be the best choice. There will be hundreds of people sharing, so, speed won't be a problem.

I hope that Ubuntu 7.04 is at least as successful as the previous version, and I'm happy to congratulate everyone involved in this awesome community. Thank you for your work. We're all making the most usable Linux distribution out there! Let's keep raising the bar!

It is out, see the release notes, or, go get it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Joost invites

From Joost:

Hello Tiago,

We hope you are enjoying your Joost experience.

Good news! We've posted 3 invitations in "your Joost" so you can invite
your friends to watch your favorite program with you. To invite your
friends, start up Joost, click on "my Joost" and fill in your friends'
details in the "invite friends" widget box. Enjoy the ride!

So, just comment me your email address, I'll randomly select 3 emails tomorrow:)
And tell me later what you've thought of it!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Midterm tests

I've been really busy in this past weeks, due to the tests which I had these last days. I'll will probably have more time now, meaning some more time to blog.

I've been thinking on how I could improve Niath, probably a change to a better blogging engine and get it it's how (I'm really tired..) own domain.

Suggestions are accepted.