Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Yesterday I've won two tickets to the premiere of Dot.Com. I've just answered a couple of questions and received an email announcing that I was one of the winners.

The movie was AMAZING. Everyone was laughed from the beginning, until the end! Portuguese movies aren't usually really that good, but this one amazed me.

The story begins with an engineer who is trying to get the government to build a decent road to a small village, Aguas Altas, to make the beautiful village known. To do this, he registers the domain (it is really online), and starts promoting the village through the website. The problems start when Drinam, a Spanish company, demands the domain, to promote their branded water, aguas altas (aguas is the Portuguese/Spanish plural of water).

When a small village takes on a big multi-national company, nothing can go right!

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Alhad said...

Hi Tiago,

I have downloaded this movie from rapidshare but cannot find the english subtitles for it. Can you please tell me where to find them??

Alhad Sardesai

Tiago Boldt Sousa said...
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