Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ubuntu splash screen follow up

Following this post, the splash screen has already been updated, it seems that the community comments were heard!

New default splash:

Wrong image was uploaded, the real new default screen is this one:



Ciaran said...

God bless Kubuntu, but I would agree, there are toher distros that look nicer. I don't know why, but the fonts in Suse look much nicer.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the orange so much (though I do wish it was done a little more tastefully). I do agree about the nice fonts though. There's a guide to enabling smooth fonts at but that's a little involved for some people. Ideally the smooth fonts should be turned on by default, or at least made easy to turn on.

MomKIcker said...

I just love Ubuntu. I manage to get some free cds from their official website.They came in about 2 weeks. Great stuff!

Ben said...

That new splash is wonderful. Go Ubuntu!

iGama said...

This new version of Ubuntu is "Rocking". Stable, updated, fast, what else does one want?