Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tv Series

Some months ago, I've found out that there are some TV series who are really worthy to watch. In the past months, I've been following Lost and Heroes every week and watched the whole 4 seasons of Nip Tuck.

Lost, which is probably known to almost everyone, is the story of a group of survivors from a plane crash in a island that was being used for some strange scientific experiments. I've already seen the two first seasons, and I still have no idea of what's happening in the island, but a I really think that this third season will give more details on that.

Heroes recalls to our childhood. When everyone wanders how awesome it could be, if we were able to fly, read minds, have super strength or some other super-mega-extra-cool special ability. In heroes, all this becomes true, when some individuals see them selfs acquiring this powers without no know reason. While some use those powers for good, just like any super-hero comic book, there are those who use it for bad. The story is really addictive and I really recommend everyone to watch it (it will be shown in Portugal, according to wikipedia, during 2007).

Nip/Tuck follows the lives of two Miami plastic surgeons, Sean McNamara and Christian Troy. In the first season, we are able to notice the differences in their lifestyle. While Sean is all about his family, Christian is a seducer, always with different women. While the seasons pass by, they face all types of problems, from plastic surgery addicts, through drug dealers to family problems.

A while ago, I've also watched the first season of Prison Break. It is definitely amazing. The story, the details, the.. the.. Everything! I'll begin watching the second season this following week.

I really suggest each one of them to everyone with some spare time, they're all worth watching!

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