Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Listen Music Player

Listen is an awesome music player developed for Gnome. It has got some really cool features that lack from almost all players, such as:
  • Automatic lyric fetching;
  • Artist and album information from wikipedia or Last.fm;
  • Very good podcast and internet radio integration;
  • Excellent library management.
The project home page show us some nice screenshots from the application. It has been all written in python, and, despites it's early development stage, only at version 0.5, it is already fully stable and usable. The installation can be done through the Ubuntu repository by installing the listen package or, in any other distro, if the package is not available, the source can be downloaded here.



Anonymous said...

The version in the edgy repos is only at 0.4.3 - there used to be a 3rd party repo with the 0.5 beta, but that went down recently. so, if you want the latest listen in Ubuntu, you're stuck compiling it from code.

Tiago Sousa said...

Version 0.5 has just been uploaded to Ubuntu's Feisty Fawn repository. So, no source compiling needed :D

qcfb said...

That looks amazing. I've been waiting for a good GTK+ audio player.