Tuesday, February 13, 2007

IM Clients for Linux

If you use Linux, there are a lot of Instant Messaging clients for you to choose from. And this is not an easy choice at all. There is the features vs stability problem all the time. In order to simplify your choice, I've decided to come up with the most know.

  • Gaim
    • Gaim is the number one client in the open source community. It is being widely developed, and it's awesome due to it's stability and supported protocol diversity. The version in SVN already supports web cam and a lot more.
  • Kopete
    • Kopete, I would say, is to Gaim, as KDE is to Gnome. It has some extra feature, but complete useless. While the main window is simple, the chat window has way too much garbage.
  • Emenese
    • Emenese is still in it's early development, but is already being talked. It is being written in python, which gives it a promising future, with lots of extensions and a fast development, common for everything that comes the python language.
  • Mercury
    • Mercury messenger is for all of those who are used to Windows Messenger. Supporting almost everything that the Microsoft client supports, it's only disadvantage is that it is written in java, and it consumes a lot of memory!
  • Amsn
    • Amsn is just ugly. It was an attempt to copy Windows Messenger, but, in my opinion, it went completely wrong and I just can't like it!
  • Kmess
    • Despite I haven't ever tried Kmess out, it seems to be a real simples messenger client for KDE, with all the basic needs and really usable.

I am now using Gaim 2.0.0beta6, from the Ubuntu Feisty repositories, and I'm really getting along with it. Still, my favorite one, since I've had Microsoft's MSN Messenger for some years, is Mercury Messenger. The only reason I'm not using it right now is that it was giving me some problems, probably because of the java integration. I've taken the opportunity to see how Gaim was going and decided to keep it.

Have I missed any really good one? What's the best for you?



vixenk said...

What's up with the all the hatred for Kopete? While I use Gaim myself, I have used Kopete in the past and while the GUI could use some clearing up, it is still a powerful client and suitable for those that find Gaim's feature set a bit too minimal for an all-in-one client. A definite bonus for Kopete is that it currently supports webcam and chat on both Yahoo and MSN. The client also offers a high degree of customization like any true KDE app, so if the clutter in the chat window bothers you, you can get rid of it. ;)

Tiago Sousa said...

Yes, it's true that kopete window is highly customizable, and that the stable version already has video, but Gaim SVN also has it all, and I'm really looking forward to the following releases!

Anonymous said...

Kopete is what I use and like it. From screenshots Kopete looks too Gnomish, not appealing.

Anonymous said...

I have used Gaim for almost 4 years, but just recently switched to Kopete because of better Gtalk support, and because it had a beautiful integration feature with amaroK(displaying surrent track in sent messages).

Not to turn this into a flame war or anything, but the greatest thing about using KDE is its interoperability.And if you've never used KDE you wouldn't understand what I'm talking about...

Anonymous said...

The only thing that annoys me about GAIM is the permanent status of beta. It's been in beta for ages. Does it mean that it's still not ready for production? What's holding up?

I would welcome a more transparent schedule of releases from the developers. True, video is in SVN. However before it makes to the next stable release it may take 2 or 3 years...

Tiago Sousa said...

You took it too personally, Kopete is not all that bad, it is highly customizable, and supports the same protocols that Gaim supports. My point is that, by default, Kopete is a full of useless buttons in the chat windows, and they are way too big, making it look ugly. Still, the specs are great, and I have myself used it already. I simply dislike all the 'KDE extras'. Gnome's clean look is my preferred choice, so, that is why Gaim is clearly better for me! But, as I said, for those preferring KDE, Kopete is surely for you!

Anonymous said...

gaim is best

Anonymous said...

SIM-IM is another good one :

Panayiotis said...

Hey guys one general question.I want to know so far ,which of the Linux IM support msn webcam.Because people back in my country i want to contact still use Windows.

Tiago Sousa said...

Several already support webcam, like the gaim development version, amsn or mercury messenger, just check their sites and choose the one that best fits you!

Raul said...

Check out Landell (i couldn't compile it) and Monkey Messenger (some bugs, but pretty functional)

carlos said...

waiting for digsby for Linux