Thursday, February 1, 2007

GigaOM gives away FON Invites

I've just ordered a FON router. I've been searching for a long time now for an invite. I've just noticed that GigaOM is giving away invites, and I didn't think twice before ordering my la fonera router. This invite makes it free (router and shipping costs). It has got a private network, that you may use at home, and a public one, that you should share according to the fon community rules. If there are any invites left, they can be found here. Use and abuse.

Update: How the community works, via youtube

Update2: GigaOM invites are over, but, due to FON's 1st birthday, they are giving away more router by their own. I'm already waiting for mine, spread the word! Get it here.



Thang said...

The idea is a novelty but the implementation is at best clumsy. I can understand the days of giving out free routers are over. Lots of these routers end up Ebay for cheap. But now the reality is that La Fonera sells for $40.00US and it smacks people right in the face if one wants to get these routers deployed over the entire neighborhood which is what I intend to deploy. But the invitations procedures are less desirable. I am still hunting for at least 4 or 5 routers that I need for this test with high gain antennae. But so far I found no invites to date yet.

Thang said...

If you Foneros want to spread the idea, I am the one to utilize and my neighborhood is a perfect community.