Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I've seen this through Raúl Ricardo Vidal's blog (sorry Ricardo), and it amazed me! Bio-Genica has just developed living genetically created pets. These little - what do we call them!? - toys, come with a life supporting system to keep them alive while they are on the shelves. The company claim their pets to be:

  • Allergen free;
  • Child safe;
  • Low maintenance needed.
So, who will want to buy one of theses? The site lacks information on how this little semi-living beings act, react or live, but, still, it let us know that they will be sold with six different personalities, identified in the box by colors:
  • Genpet Red™ - Athletic and energetic;
  • Genpet Orange™ - Adventurous, confident and curious;
  • Genpet Yellow™ - Playful and fun;
  • Genpet Green™ - Helpful, harmonious and peaceful;
  • Genpet Blue™ - Communicative and serene;
  • Genpet Violet™ - Imaginative and spiritual.
I really see this as a strange toy. Our pets are always loved, cared and seen as friends, who can love someone who comes in a box!? And such an ugly one? There is no release date announced in their page, but I'll be curious about these GenPets!



Anonymous said...

These are fake. It's been covered before.

Ricardo Vidal said...

First off, my name is Ricardo Vidal, not Raul.
Second off, these are not fake at all. They obviously are not living things and you can't buy them at a shop. But they are are real.
It was a final thesis of an Art student back in 2005. Just check the link at the end of my post where I state that it IS Biotech Art. :)

Anyhow, Tiago. Nice blog. Abraço!

JOhn said...

The Truth is out there and the truth is that we are talking about just a sculpture

Check these links and you will find out....