Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Give linux a try

For those of you who are afraid of removing or try partitioning your windows in order to try to install some linux distribution, you can now try the ubuntu installer for windows. Just like any other problem, it's a normal .exe file, it allows you to install a ubuntu system. After the installing is done, a reboot will be needed and, before your windows begins, grub, a boot manager, will ask you if you want to boot windows or ubuntu linux. If you ever want to remove it, just go to the add/remove programs and there will be a ubuntu entry. Remove it, and all will be back to normal. There are still some problems with the application, but I believe they'll be soon corrected. The only important issue is that, at this point, you're forced to login with the username and password 'ubuntu'. This will surely be corrected in the next releases. Wanna test it? Get infos here and download it here(version 3, there could be a new one available).


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